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How to soundproof your home in 4 easy steps.

Soundproofing is harder than it looks. Whilst we always think it’s the level of noise that creates the problem, there are in fact a number of reasons why sound is being transported so effectively around your home. Of course, loud sound waves are an initial problem but you can also encounter trouble when these sound waves meet a form of resistance like your furniture or walls. Bouncing off the walls and various other substantial objects in your room can make the sound problem even worse, an effect known as reverberation.

London Foam are specialists in such matters and know the only way to effectively and significantly lower noise is to reduce the echo from reverberation. Absorbing and therefore blocking most of the noise will not only immediately sort out your sound issues but keep them at bay for much longer. Here are some tips on soundproofing your home:

Noise ReductionTo reduce noise, you simply block the passage of sound waves. For the rooms in your home, this could mean blocking any gaps in your walls and floorboards to reduce the amount of sound waves able to transfer from room to room.Noise AbsorptionOnce you’ve successfully noise reduced, you will find a significant improvement of your noisy woes. However, you can go one step further with noise absorption. By padding the inside of your walls with various different layers (and a mixture of densities) you can assist in noise damping and mute harsh sound waves. By combining a mixture of soft and heavy materials, the sound waves can’t reverberate, or bounce.DIY SolutionsMany advise using special DIY glue to block up any noticeable gaps in your walls and floorboards of your home but there are other solutions as well. Insulating the walls come winter is also wise as this will keep you warm as well as save you a small fortune on your bills, however there is no way of insulating the ceiling. One easy way to reduce noise for the room above or below is to opt for carpet. We know wooden floorboards are extremely popular right now, but a stylish carpet in a minimal could do wonders. Just remember to keep your DIY soundproofing away from lightings and fixtures as they could catch fire.The ExpertsDIY solutions are all well and good, but for a foolproof solution to soundproofing, you need the experts. By investing in your soundproofing, you can get a best solution for your home secured for much longer. Yes, you’re paying more for the initial instalment, but saving much much more in the long run. Placing foam soundproofing throughout your home works as a form of absorption rather than reduction. With specialist dampening soundproofing materials, you can lessen any noise seeping through your home whether it’s from noisy neighbours or a disgruntled teen.Excessive levels of noise pollution have been known to damage your health, physically and mentally. We don’t realise the importance of such factors until the noise pollution is in over our heads. Nip it in the bud and sort out your soundproofing!

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