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Design kitchen construction blunders.

Both modeling and remodeling a kitchen is a task that takes a lot of hard work. However, on top of that, intelligence, common sense and creativity are needed. Failing to understand this can lead to several construction blunders that may be very difficult to amend. Here are but a few of these blunders that builders and wannabe builders continue to make.

Cabinets That Don’t Reach Ceilings

The cabinets in your constructed or reconstructed kitchen should all reach the ceiling. If your cabinets fall short of the ceiling, they’ll collect dust and clutter from unneeded and unused accessories.

Meanwhile, if the cabinets are of full height, the most amount of storage is made available, while their glass fronts will also keep dust out.

On the matter of storage space, the design of your kitchen must include enough of it. Adequate planning and forethought can stop storage space from being wasted. A few techniques that will come in handy when needing to create storage space is installing cabinets over the refrigerator and shelves across the back of lower cabinets.

Overdoing It

A key mistake many designers and kitchen fitters do is not knowing when to stop. So many kitchens nowadays are over-designed. An over-designed kitchen is tacky and one that generally looks chaotic. In fact, an under designed kitchen will be better than one that is over-designed. At least an under-designed kitchen has more space and can be added to if absolutely unnecessary.

Using Poor Lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting in your kitchen. In fact, there is no other room in your house in which lighting is more important. Not only is the atmosphere and design affected by lighting but also you will need good lighting for safety when handling knives and other kitchenware.

Your kitchen will need accent lighting, task lighting and general lighting. If you’re not comfortable dealing with electricity or inexperienced with lighting installation, use a specialist team such as those at

Forgetting Ventilation

It shocks me that anyone can design a kitchen without taking ventilation into consideration, however that is the case for many kitchens constructed throughout the country.

Good ventilation is important for both keeping your kitchen clean and improving indoor air quality. Essentially, good ventilation will ensure your kitchen doesn’t go to waste.

Ignoring professionals

If your kitchen-designing job is of the DIY type, you must know the limitations of what you can and can’t do. Thinking you can do everything yourself is a stupid mistake that puts your health and safety at risk, as well as the conditions and quality of the kitchen you’re constructing.

Experts should do matters pertaining to electricity for example, unless you are an electrician of course.

Making Things Too Cramped

Not only is space needed for storage, but also any designed kitchen needs an ample amount of room for its users to be able to move about freely. Considering space is usually needed to cook meals comfortably, this is most important.

Even small kitchens can seem spacious when correctly designed. It’s all about making the most out of the space you’re allocated.

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